Members of the MDC team actively contribute to national and international teams, panels, and projects with a focus on marine meteorology, oceanongraphy, and informatics. Both directly funded and unfunded service activities are conducted by team members through collaborations with the following:

  • Earth Science Information Partners
    COAPS and the MDC became a member of ESIP in 2015. The partnership provides a forum for MDC personnel to exchange ideas, knowledge, and content with the wider Earth science informatics community. Shawn Smith was elected to the 2019 ESIP partnership committee. Jocelyn Elya co-chairs the ESIP Marine Data Cluster.
  • International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set
    MDC team members are active in the ongoing development of ICOADS via membership in the ICOADS Steering Committee and active contributions to the ICOADS value-added database (IVAD).
  • International Ocean Vector Winds Science Team
    Mark Bourassa is the Team Leader for NASA's Ocean Vector Winds Science Team and the chair of the organizing committee for the International Ocean Vector Winds Science Team. These groups focus on remotely sensed winds, with a wide range of goals related to marine meteorology, oceanography, air/sea coupling, variability and predictability, and operational applications (weather forecasts and now-casts). This teams' activities span engineering of instruments, calibration and intercalibration, oceanography and marine meteorology, science and applications. Bringing together these interests has resulted in better products, improved understanding, and better operational products. One of the unique products from COAPS is a user friendly version of scatterometer data from multiple missions.
  • Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) Ship Observation Team (SOT)
    The MDC has members active in several GOOS expert and task teams through which we make contributions to the wider marine meteorology and climatology communities. Mr.Shawn Smith previously was acting chair and vice-chair of the GOOS Ship Observation Team.
  • Ocean Data Interoperability Platform
    MDC team members have been developing open linked data services to meet the ODIP objective to remove "barriers hindering the effective sharing of data across scientific domains and international boundaries".
  • Ocean Observation Panel for Climate
    Mark Bourassa was co-chair for the Ocean Observation Panel for Climate, which is a GCOS, GOOS and WCRP panel that focuses on development and maintenance of the observations systems used for the ocean surface and subsurface. GCOS sets the requirements (accuracy, resolution and sampling) for climate observations. The Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) has a much broader mandate including operational activities that impact the economy and marine safety. OOPC focuses on physical oceanography for GOOS. The World Climate Research Program (WCRP) has very broad interests that include variability & predictability, air/sea coupling, and related physical processes. OOPC was wisely set up as a panel that would address closely related issues for all these sponsors.
  • Rolling Deck to Repository
    The MDC is a founding member and Mr. Smith is the co-PI for R2R, which focuses on ensuring all underway observations from NSF-funded research vessels are cataloged and submitted to the U.S. national archives.