Expect intermittent downtime for our MDC webpages and/or file downloads as we are having technical difficulties.
If you need immediate assistance and/or access to data, please email mdc@coaps.fsu.edu.

About Us

The MDC specializes in collecting, evaluating, and distributing in situ and remotely-sensed, high-quality, marine meteorological and surface oceanographic data to the research community in well-documented, easy-to-use formats.


To provide high-quality marine meteorological and surface oceanographic data collected by in situ and remote observing systems to the research community in well-documented, easy to use formats.

Core Activities

  • Collecting, quality evaluating, and distributing data from select oceanographic research vessels, Earth-orbiting satellites, and other marine observing systems.
  • Developing and distributing products to support air-sea exchange studies, satellite algorithm development, climate research, and numerical modeling.
  • Mentoring students in data stewardship, marine meteorology, air-sea interactions, and informatics. The Marine Data Center (MDC) is the primary employer of undergraduate students at COAPS.
  • Collaborating with national and international scientists, panels, and working groups supporting satellite observations, marine meteorology/climatology, and informatics in the geosciences.


We would like to thank the following agencies for their contributions to our ongoing research and activities. A full list of current and prior supporting agencies can be found on the Acknowledgements Page.