The DOMS project was initiated in 2015 with a kick-off workshop at JPL (12-13 May). During this workshop the team conducted an architectural review and began assembling technical requirements for DOMS. The user community was also engaged to refine use cases for a this satellite to in situ data matching service. The result of the workshop was the initial DOMS Concept Plan.

DOMS Concept Plan

Initial prototype development, including a series of incremental tests of the infused technology, occurred at FSU, NCAR, and JPL and was completed in 2017. The prototype, based on the concept plan, included design of a web portal and web APIs. The central prototype was hosted at JPL and linked to distrubuted nodes at FSU and NCAR.

A second phase of development began in 2017 with a plan to integrate DOMS into a suite of tools developed under NASA AIST funding. The resulting OceanWorks science data analytics platform was tested both on hardware at JPL and on the AIST managed cloud environment (AMCE) in 2019. In addition to several updates to the data matching algorithm, the main changes to DOMS were to support filtering in situ data using the quality control flags native to each dataset and to fully implement output of matched satellite and in situ observations using a network common data form (netCDF). The DOMS project concluded in August 2019.