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IOVWST Meeting
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 2023

Proposal for the Ocean Surface Vector Wind Virtual Constellation

Presenting Author: Dr. Stan Wilson

The Ocean Surface Vector Wind (OSVW) Virtual Constellation will utilize satellite scatterometry to collect observations of ocean surface vector winds over the global ice-free oceans. Standard OSVW products will be generated from scatterometers on multiple satellites and made freely available to the international community within sufficient time for inclusion in operational analyses and forecasts, as well as use in retrospective research. The key space segment capabilities will include the following polar-orbiting OSVW satellite missions in orbit and under development – QuikSCAT, ASCAT on the METOP series, and the scatterometers on OceanSat-2 and the HY-2 series of satellites – as well as planned and proposed future missions such as CFOSAT. (See the figure on the following page.) In addition to the space segment, collaboration as part of this Constellation will include on-orbit calibration, the validation of derived products, the determination of consensus derived products and formats, expediting the delivery of those products to operational forecast centers, collaboration in the operational utilization of those products and assessment of their impact, and shared use in research.

2023 International OVWST Meeting
TBD Fall Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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