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IOVWST Meeting
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 2024


Presenting Author: Dr. Ad Stoffelen

KNMI will present the Level 2 scatterometer wind processing of the EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility (OSI SAF), the EUMETSAT Numerical Weather Prediction SAF and the EUMETSAT Advanced Retransmission Service (EARS). In the NWP SAF, scatterometer wind processing portable software packages are being made available freely. In the OSI SAF, currently four different wind products are available: SeaWinds 100-km product (operational status), SeaWinds 25-km product (operational status), ASCAT 25-km product (pre-operational) that may all be viewed at The EARS ERS-2 25-km regional product (demonstration) is available within one hour and may be used for weather nowcasting. Tests are now ongoing for EARS ASCAT dataavailable within 30 min. Buoy validation and monitoring against a NWP model reference are being implemented for all products. In the next ASCAT release in November 2008 ASCAT winds will be presented as 10m neutral winds for the first time. Other developments on sea ice and a level 4 scatterometer hi-res surface wind product for the MyOcean consortium will be discussed at the meeting

2024 International OVWST Meeting
May 29 - 31 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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