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IOVWST Meeting
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 2023

Applications of sea-level pressure retrieval from scatterometer winds

Presenting Author: Dr. Jerome Patoux

Five applications of sea-level pressure retrieval from scatterometer winds using the University of Washington Planetary Boundary Layer (UWPBL) model are presented: 1. Global statistics of the UWPBL pressure fields reveal seasonal and hemispheric differences with the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) sea-level pressure analyses. 2. The enhancement of ECMWF surface analyses over the Southern Ocean by injection of scatterometer-derived sea-level pressure wavelet coefficients produces pressure fields containing ~1% more energy, 5-10% more low pressure centers, an extension of ~14% of the midlatitude cyclone tracks, deeper cyclones, and more short-lived mesoscale cyclones. 3. The momentum flux into the Southern Ocean is larger when calculated from the scatterometer-modified ECMWF analyses than when calculated from the original ECMWF analyses. 4. Global statistics of the surface winds calculated from scatterometer-derived sea-level pressure fields using the UWPBL model show that the UWPBL winds are of comparable quality with DIRTH winds in non-rainy areas and of better quality than DIRTH winds in rainy areas, as compared to buoys and ECMWF analyses. 5. Scatterometer winds from different instruments (ASCAT vs. QuikSCAT) are compared via the sea-level pressure fields retrieved with the UWPBL model.

2023 International OVWST Meeting
TBD Fall Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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