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IOVWST Meeting
Barcelona, Spain, 2018


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Ms. Caitlin AmosUniversity of Georgia
Dr. Craig AndersonEumetsat
Dr. Maria Belmonte RivasKNMI - Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
Dr. Mark BourassaCOAPS & EOAS, Florida State University
Dr. Paul ChangNOAA/NESDIS/Center for Satellite Applications and Research
Professor Shuyi ChenDepartment of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington
Dr. Francesco De BiasioNational Research Council of Italy
Dr. Giovanna De ChiaraECMWF
Dr. Kathleen DohanEarth and Space Research
Professor Xiaolong DongThe Key Laboratory of Microwave Remote Sensing, NSSC, CAS
Ms. Fangli DouNational Satellite Meteorological Center
Dr. Dmitry DukhovskoyCOAPS FSU
Professor Naoto EbuchiHokkaido University
James EdsonWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Dr. Melanie FewingsUniversity of Connecticut
Dr. Alexander ForeJet Propulsion Laboratory
Ralph FosterUniversity of Washington
Professor Boris GalperinUniversity of South Florida
Dr. Donata GiglioUniversity of California San Diego
Professor Sarah GilleScripps Institution of Oceanography
Dr. Giuseppe GriecoKoninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (KNMI)
Dr. David HalpernJet Propulsion Laboratory
Dr. Heather HolbachFSU, NGI, NOAA/AOML/HRD
Dr. Svetla Hristova-VelevaJet Propulsion Laboratory
Dr. Thomas KilpatrickScripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD
Dr. Gregory KingInstitut de Ciencies del Mar (ICM - CSIC) and University of South Florida
Dr. Timothy LangNASA MSFC
Dr. Tong LeeJet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Dr. Zhen LiRoyal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
Dr. Wenming LinSchool of Marine Sciences, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology
Dr. Eric LindstromNASA Headquarters
Dr. Stefanie LinowEumetsat
W Timothy LiuJet Propulsion Lab.
Professor David LongBrigham Young University
Dr. Carl MearsRemote Sensing Systems
Dr. Thomas MeissnerRemote Sensing Systems
Dr. Isabel MonteiroIPMA - Portuguese Institute for the Sea and the Atmosphere
Dr. Steven MoreyFlorida State University
Mr. Masami MoriyaJapan Meteorological Agency
Mr. David MoroniJet Propulsion Laboratory
Dr. Larry O'NeillOregon State University
Ms. Briana PhillipsOregon State University
Dr. Federica PolverariInstitut de Ciencies del Mar (ICM - CSIC)
Dr. Marcos PortabellaInstitute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC)
Mr. Alberto RabanedaUniversity of Strathclyde
Dr. Lucrezia RicciardulliRemote Sensing Systems
Ms. Renee RichardsonFlorida State University (FSU)/Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS)
Dr. Ernesto RodriguezJPL/Caltech
Dr. Michael SchlundtWHOI
Dr. Niklas SchneiderUniversity of Hawaii
Professor Haruhisa ShimodaTokai University
Joseph SienkiewiczNOAA/OPC
Dr. Bryan StilesJet Propulsion Laboratory
Dr. Ad StoffelenKNMI
Ana TrindadeInstitut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC)
Dr. Joe TurkJet Propulsion Laboratory
Mr. Doug VandemarkUniv. of New Hampshire
Dr. Anton VerhoefKNMI Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
Mr. Jeroen VerspeekKNMI
Dr. Nadya Vinogradova-ShifferNASA HQ
Dr. Jur VogelzangKNMI
Dr. Zhixiong WANGNanjing University of Information Science and Technology
Dr. David WeissmanHofstra University
Mr. Frank WentzRemote Sensing Systems
Mr. Jason WestUniversity of Colorado Boulder
Alexander WineteerJPL
Dr. Xingou XuThe Key Laboratory of Microwave Remote Sensing, NSSC, CAS
Mr. Honggang YinNational Satellite Meteorological Center
Dr. Stefano ZecchettoConsiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto Scienze Atmosfera e Clima (CNR-ISAC)

2018 International OVWST Meeting
April 24-26 in Barcelona, Spain
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